How it works

RedZonkey is for active people and makes training fun. Enjoy friendly competitions with people all around the world. During the competition, you earn points by filling your Activity rings. Whoever has the most points at the end of the competition wins. You can earn unique rewards and Zonkey coins, which can be used in your next events.

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Apple Watch

Connect your Apple Watch

No watch? Track your progress with your iPhone. You don't need to change anything in your fitness routine.

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Get motivation from others

It's amazing how much easier it is to achieve goals when you're doing it together

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Rest for recovery days

It's very important to give yourself time for recovery. Don't miss the opportunity to use rest day bonuses.

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Collect rewards

Save those coins! You'll need them for your next competition. You'll be able to win unique awards. It's a true differentiator!

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What others say

Daniel Pashkov photo

Daniel Pashkov

The main competitor

I am a person who doesn’t like to exercise in crowded places, and that's why RedZonkey gives me an opportunity to, on the one hand, compete with others and exercise with them, and on the other hand, to be alone with no one around me. With RedZonkey, I started to get notifications about closing my rings for 200%. So satisfying :)

Julia Shturman photo

Julia Shturman

The very first event winer

I found out about myself that I am a very competitive person. First place is quite important to me, that's why I check that no one has passed me, and if so, I go out for a walk to earn more points to get back in the lead and not be left behind. I started getting a lot of compliments that I'm looking better. And frankly, I feel I'm now more active and fit.

Tomer Weizman photo

Tomer Weizman


Prior to using RedZonkey, I didn't realize that I was absolutely out of shape, but now I am improving my fitness across all indicators. I have the opportunity to train with friends and with other people that I don't even know in a fun and challenging way.

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